Reporting Platform for Marketers, by Marketers
platform for all your marketing data

One platform for all your marketing data.

With 100+ deep API-based integrations, data at the most granular level from any advertising channel is available for you instantly. Advertising data is automagically joined with the analytics data, eliminating the need of pivots and vlookup.

Seeing campaigns broken down into adsets and ads

Say goodbye to rigid hierarchies!

Seeing campaigns broken down into adsets and ads on a pivot table is so yesterday. Granular enables you to turn this hierarchy upside down, sideways, or any way you like. Ads broken down by audiences, audiences broken down by creatives, creatives broken down by adsets - all in seconds.

creates Super Dimensions from advertising channels

Super Dimensions.

Automatically creates ‘Super Dimensions’ from advertising channels - bringing together data of commonly used segments such as creatives, custom audiences, audience strategy etc. View aggregate performance of each Super Dimension, across campaigns, adsets, ads etc.

create custom dimensions

Custom Dimensions

Easily create custom dimensions to aggregate the performance of groups of ad elements sharing common characteristics - such as location, product category, device type, etc.

stay updated with performance

Smart Alerts

“Notify me when CPT becomes greater than $20” “Notify me if RoAS becomes less than 1 for Category X” Configurable alerts over e-mail that help you stay updated with performance, wherever you are.

Define proprietary metrics

Custom Metrics

Define proprietary metrics aligned with business-specific requirements and KPIs by connecting metrics from different sources and channels. Ex: To calculate the ROI with Revenue from Google Analytics and Ad Spends from Facebook and AdWords. Net ROI = GA:Revenue / (AW:Cost + FB: Cost)

drill down the data


With Granular’s breakdown, you can drill down the data to any level. For example, Accounts can be broken to Campaigns, Product categories can be broken by ads etc.

fetches data from ad channels

No more SDK and pixel setup

Granular fetches the data directly from the ad channels and analytics sources through integrations. So you wouldn’t need to install an extra pixel on your site (and increase your loading time).

Powerful Reporting and visualisation

Powerful Reporting and visualisation.

We have built widgets which are best suited for the marketing data to create beautiful reports. You can share the reports with team and schedule them as well. If you need a custom widget, we will build it for you.

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